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Versify Your Media.

Let’s tell a greater [digital] story.

Whether the story you would like to tell includes social media marketing, branding, content creation, or multimedia for small screens, we can help you bring your digital multi-platform vision to life.

Hi! Welcome to Versify Media.


What are some ways we can help YOU succeed?

Answer: multimedia communication with a cinematic perspective. Helping you maximize the tools at your fingertips: social media, digital marketing, and online content strategy.

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Versify Media Consulting

Social Media &
Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Creation & Development

Consult with Versify on strategy to reach your social media, digital marketing, and content creation goals. Versify can help you develop a plan, connect you with implementation partners, and guide you to success.

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Hear what our customers have to say

"Sanna has helped our team round out our offerings by providing social media management services as well as overall strategy, planning, and consulting. This is a skill set our team generally lacks, and Sanna's expertise has greatly benefited both our team and our clients. Highly recommend - great person to work with, communicates perfectly, AND is knowledgeable to boot!"

- Garrett Massey,

President - Polyglot Labs

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