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3 Social Media Content Ideas That Won't Take All Day To Create 📱

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You. Small business owner and self-made person. Yep, you've been dotting your "i's" and crossing your "t's" with client work. All your customers are happy with the work you've been providing, and... that's what it's really about, right? Right.

However, one thing has fallen to the wayside: your business' social media accounts.

This is me working... in 3-D, apparently.

And, yep - I *TOTALLY* get it. Heck, my business Versify is COMPLETELY integrated with social media for the kind of content creation work we do. Do my Versify social media accounts stay un-updated for long periods of time? You betcha! I, like you, get too much into my client work and forget to update my business social media. 🤦‍♀️

So... what can you do?

Why don't you try SIMPLIFYING the content you create and post?

Not sure how to do so? Read on for 3 Social Media Content Ideas.


1. Curate, Curate, CURATE!

Do you feel IMMENSE pressure to like, um, CREATE THINGS for social media?

Well, here's a secret:

Yeah... we all do.

And I know what you're thinking - "Don't you create content for a living?"

Woman on laptop

Yeah, I DO, but I feel SO. MUCH. MORE. PRESSURE. when I create content for my own ventures. My perfectionism goes into overdrive.

CURATING content can be a great way to post regular content... from OTHER PEOPLE.

Yes. That means you don't have to write it, shoot it, film it, or edit it.


(OF COURSE... Please give credit to the ORIGINAL author/page/account/photographer/videographer, etc. If you do - they will not only be grateful, they will likely be happy they got one more share!)

Not only will you take the pressure off of yourself to create every single last thing you post, you will also likely gain more credibility with your audience as you are SHARING resources and not merely advertising your own business all the time. It's a very unselfish way to behave on social media. 💁‍♀️

So... where do you find these resources?

Well, only YOU know what your mode of expertise is. So, where do you find interesting articles or advice? SUBSCRIBE or SIGN UP to those content makers. Online magazines, YouTube channels, subreddits, blogs, or Instagram accounts - the options are endless.

Then, when you find something interesting (that would ALSO be interesting to your audience), SCHEDULE or POST that sucker to your social media account.



I could say SO MUCH about the power of social media stories in regards to social media marketing.

Maybe I won't say it all right now... but I will share a few thoughts.

Instagram or Facebook stories show up on or near the top of your followers' social media timeline. They remind them that YOU or YOUR BUSINESS is there. They are reminded of your presence... simply because you posted a story!

Now... why is posting a story easier than creating content for a timeline or instagram stream?

Simply put - stories can be raw. They can show everyday. They can show you in action. They don't have to be posed (but can be), they don't have to be preplanned (but can be), and they certainly don't have to be beautiful (BUT CAN BE, DARLING).

Instagram and Facebook also offer several filters, stickers, and fun fonts and colors. Put a fun spin on your photo or video by trying out some options!

Now... go post some stories! It's easy and fun.



Do you want to create more content, but don't know how? Perhaps you certainly don't have the overhead to afford a designer or photographer.

Well, I'm here to tell ya... there are SO. MANY. free apps to assist you in content creation.

Here are a few of my faves:

1. Canva - Create stunning graphic design for your social media accounts or website!

3. Snow - a photo editing app with all the bells and whistles!

4. Facetune - Edit photos like a pro!

5. Boomerang - Create cute seconds-long photo bursts for your social media stream. (In my experience, these often get a ton of engagement on client social media channels.)


See? With the right tools, your social media accounts for your business DON'T have to be forgotten. Hey, you may even LOOK FORWARD to creating or curating content! 😮

And... just a reminder that if you still need some help, we are here to assist.

About Sanna:

Sanna lives and works out of Atlanta, GA.

In addition to Versify Media, Sanna is also an actress and sketch comedian. Her passion project is Classy Suzette. She loves cats, eating snacks, and tap dancing.

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