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Want To Perform A Social Media Audit? Here's How.

Hi! Sanna here.

This past week, I've been performing social media audits for a few different clients. Some of these audits are intended to be suggestions only for the immediate future. Other audits had me create larger changes on various social channels.

So. With all of this ^ in mind, it got me thinking.

If you are a small business owner (or anyone who manages a brand - even if that brand is YOU) and you are looking for a way to improve things on the business front, a social media audit is a great way to start.

Never performed one? No problem. It's pretty simple.

Here's a checklist to make sure you are hitting the major aspects of a social media audit.

1. Branding Look and Feel: Does your content appear to be cohesive? Do the colors that appear on social coordinate and represent your brand well?

Here's the thing. If your colors and photo editing are all over the place, it may be the time to make some changes. Decide one five colors you want to see represented, and stick to those. If you are a small business owner, make sure your social aesthetic meshes with your logo and other brand recognition.

2. Written Voice: Do your posts sound like they are coming from the same person or source?

Read your post captions. Are some posts incredibly formal, while others sound like you are addressing your best friend? It may be time to tighten up your caption voice. Who is your customer or client base? Do they expect formality from you, or would they prefer a more casual tone?

3. Posting Choices: Are your posts formatted correctly or in a way that works for each social network?

If you Instagram (Yes, that's a verb, too. Just my opinion.), take a look at your grid. Have you posted anything that does not represent itself well on your profile? I'm talking about those graphics that may look AWESOME on Facebook or Twitter based on their aspect ratio, but don't visually read well as an Instagram post. Take a look at all your social networks, and make sure you are following recommended specs for each.

4. Content: Is your content interesting and dynamic? Does it grab attention when casually scrolling by?

Put your social away for 24 hours. Then, open it back up. Remember when you posted that picture yesterday? Are you feeling the same enthusiasm for that content today as you were yesterday? And maybe the heart behind your content is right on -- but the choice you made for those posts is not going to attract eyeballs. What changes could you make to make your post choices more attention-grabbing?

You see? When you break it down, a social media audit doesn't seem so daunting.

Take it one step at a time.

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