What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics. Here's a quick definition, just in case you want one: So, while creating flying words and graphics may look super complex, it can be actually quite attainable and cost-effective for your brand or business. Check out some work I've done. Why am I showing you these videos? Well, you can request your own. Of course. 💁‍♀️ 😂 For someone (anyone) who edits motion graphics a lot, these concepts are relatively easy to create. They can be animated swiftly. They look professional. They can match your branding for yourself or your business. There are tons of good reasons to integrate motion graphics into your content mix. Motion graphics videos start at only $100 per video (an

3 Tips On Creating Marketing Videos for Your Business

For some of us (Me! Me!!! Pick MEEE!), video is an invigorating activity that feels like work only some of the time. For others of us, creating video can range between annoying, to daunting, to downright scary. How do you begin to create effective video for business when you aren’t a video professional? Sure – most of us know how to wield our mobile phone cameras to capture moments during our day. Not to mention, phone cameras often contain comparable quality to many consumer and prosumer cameras on the market today (HELLO, 4k!). Here are a few tips you can use RIGHT NOW to increase your video output to market your business more effectively online. Use Your Phone Camera With (A Few) Upgrades

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