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3 Tips On Creating Marketing Videos for Your Business

For some of us (Me! Me!!! Pick MEEE!), video is an invigorating activity that feels like work only some of the time.

For others of us, creating video can range between annoying, to daunting, to downright scary.

How do you begin to create effective video for business when you aren’t a video professional?

Sure – most of us know how to wield our mobile phone cameras to capture moments during our day. Not to mention, phone cameras often contain comparable quality to many consumer and prosumer cameras on the market today (HELLO, 4k!).

Here are a few tips you can use RIGHT NOW to increase your video output to market your business more effectively online.


  1. Use Your Phone Camera With (A Few) Upgrades

As I mentioned before, your phone camera is (probably) pretty powerful. With this in mind, consider investing in a couple accessories to go with your camera.

Vlogger Equipment

Lavalier (lapel) microphones, ring lights, phone tripods, and simple backdrop stands can be found on websites like for a relatively low cost. Heck, my current favorite multi-use lavalier mic cost me 11 Dollars. No joke.

When you consider that lighting and crisp sound drastically improve the quality of your videos, you likely won’t hesitate to spend a little money on a couple pieces of equipment.

Are you unsure about what to buy?

  1. Make sure to read the reviews (obv.) of each item.

  2. You can also go to, type the piece of equipment into search box (name of actual product w/ brand) + the word “test.” The likely case is, many people will have tested this item before you. Finding video, lighting, and sound tests on YouTube can be pretty easy to find. Or,

  3. Book a coaching session with me and Versify to discuss some affordable options for ya. (Sorry. Shameless marketing plug!)


2. Consider popular online content creators today.

Do you watch a lot of video on YouTube? Facebook? Instagram? No? Maybe it’s time to immerse yourself in the world of digital content creation.

But I’m trying to market my real business, not review a makeup brush.

Okay. I totally get it. However, content creation online today moves as a distinct pace unique to our era. Sure, you are marketing your business, but you can take a few stylistic cues from the popular internet personalities out there.

Who wants to watch a boring marketing video or traditional commercial online today? Not me.

Take a few lessons from what is popular and find what you like. Emulate it. Maybe even create some fun content (non-marketing-related) to build a bit of trust in your audience. If you can get them coming back for cute and funny content, surely they will trust you when you ask them to consider your brand!


3. Keep it simple.

Are you starting out with video and have no idea what kind of content to create?

Some of the most effective marketing videos are relatively simple concepts.

Text-based videos with catchy music, videos under 30 seconds, or screen captures of a website update can all give you several avenues with which to push out content on your social channels.

Already have a dedicated audience from your years in business? These updates will only further serve to connect with them and update them on what is happening right now in the life of your company.

One of Versify's simpler marketing videos.

Yes, I know a lot of this is easier said than done. I get it. But just like any task in running a business, you have to find your flow and the method that works for you.

There are a million ways to create video and content to market your company. Take the time to explore what might work for your skill set and audience base.

You got it.

I believe in you. 🙌🤩

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